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Esprit Scout



Marc Dubos Skipper


Marc Dubos started sailing at a young age on Lac de Vassiviére with theTouring Club de France on caravels and dinghies. Pursuing an atypical path, he obtained his CAEV certificate at 17 after lots of sea training in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. His long-standing interest in sailing led him to work as a fleet manager for the Conservatoire International de la Plaisance de Bordeaux where he gained experience on many types of boats from old gaffer to class40. He even won a windsurfing championship in Aquitaine, France. He also likes to share his knowledge and experience with young sailors in various sailing schools.

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Jean-Luc Shoch


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Esprit Scout


This Akilaria boat from Marc Lombard was built in 2009. It took part in many races, such as the Transat Jacques-Vabres 2013 (6th) and the Route du rhum 2014 (9th). Esprit Scout was named after the scout motto :« Be prepared » which is consistent with the  core values of the crew.

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